Nov 23, 2009

Etching Days

Test plate alternative service

Test plate

Hand stitched handmade paper with a poem added to the print to add to the composition in a emotional sense.

Moving forward with the hand stitching and adding a romantic picture from a magazine to my image

Adding to the composition

Printing my composition to an alternative service with lace an ribbon hand stitched onto the print.

Hand made rosettes with lace detail and a magazine cut out stitched on with metallic thread

Composition printed onto canvas and ripped fabric stitched on

Nov 18, 2009

Here Lately...

Mom and I at a local ceramics studio in Franklin, TN after 8 hours of painting. Time flies.

Close up of my crafty holiday piece.

HO HO HO, haha merry christmas.

My large bowl I have been working on in Ceramics II, it went in the kiln yesterday....cross your fingers that it doesnt blow up, :)

Original collage imagine.

Here is my wood block. I cut away the information that I want to be white first.

You print your lightest color first, so yellow was my first color.

Second stage of color, Green! You can really start to see the original collage image coming through, YAY!

Third stage of color, violet red. Helps to bring the background through.

Final stage of color, a deep blue. All done!

My sad little block of wood after all its been has gone into retirement now.

May 14, 2009

The Kiln Has Cooled!

I have never, ever taken a ceramics class in my life. I took ceramics I this semester and loved it. I have glazed work before, but never thrown my own work. This semester I made many small pieces and when they came out I was very pleased. Some bowls, mugs, small vases, cups, and oil burners. There are alot of pictures.


May 12, 2009

After the show...

The photo final show went great, lots of good food and good people.  


In Photo I this semester one of our assignments was to capture motion in our photos. I must say I had a lot of trouble with this assignment. We had to pan, (which is following the moving subject with the camera) also we were assigned to have a shot with the subject moving/the background still, the background blurry/subject still, and finally a still action type shot. I must admit it was frustrating, I shot 5 rolls and was not particularly thrilled with my final shots. I will hopefully have the chance go back to that assignment with a digital and try again. 

Photo Semester Show

Photo I & II is having a final show. The opening for the show will be Tuesday, May 12Th at 6:30 pm at the porter hall student gallery. Anyone who wants to see the semester works of the photo students is welcome, there will be food and good company, come one come all.

For anyone that can not attend, (you out of towners) here are four of the eight shots I hung for the show. Enjoy and feel free to comment.