Nov 18, 2009

Here Lately...

Mom and I at a local ceramics studio in Franklin, TN after 8 hours of painting. Time flies.

Close up of my crafty holiday piece.

HO HO HO, haha merry christmas.

My large bowl I have been working on in Ceramics II, it went in the kiln yesterday....cross your fingers that it doesnt blow up, :)

Original collage imagine.

Here is my wood block. I cut away the information that I want to be white first.

You print your lightest color first, so yellow was my first color.

Second stage of color, Green! You can really start to see the original collage image coming through, YAY!

Third stage of color, violet red. Helps to bring the background through.

Final stage of color, a deep blue. All done!

My sad little block of wood after all its been has gone into retirement now.