Feb 26, 2010

Senior Pictures

I was asked by my boyfriends mom if I would take her youngest son's senior pictures. I obviously gladly accepted, and below are just a few of the MANY pictures I took.

A blast from photo I past

Below is a series of photos I took for Photo I. It was my final assignment and I chose to relate it to fashions from the past.

Love artfully silent auction

I organized the art departments silent art auction, set up the event and all the donated pieces. It turned out very well, we had food, music, and lots of great artwork. We were able to raise alot of money.

A look at most of the auction set up. This was just the start of the auction.

Above is our lovely guitar and sax duet that played for the auction. Thanks music department.

Love artfully silent auction

The art department held a silent auction and I decided to make some glass charms for margarita and wine glasses. They go on the stems of the glasses, I made valentines day ones and some with various artist such as Vermeer, Monet, Picasso, Dega etc.

Older works...

These two pieces (above, and below) are works I did while in design III, color theory. The assignment was to use something besides paint to display certain color schemes on represented in the color wheel.

Above is a piece I did when I was a graphic design major. It was in my early years fresh out of high school, and the assignment was found object. I used a picture I took while living in Chicago, my great grandmothers locket watch, and a magazine cut out of some floral arrangements.

Older works cont'd...

Below are a series of drawings I did for drawing II where we had to choose things to draw that all related with one another. I chose places throughout pittsburg.