Dec 15, 2010

Final Project



Transparency for screen exposer

Canvas screen print

Screen print on taupe canvas, not such a fan. Harder to read the details on it.

I was so extremely excited about the leather, and although the color looks good on the leather the print did not turn out well because of the fact that the leather is not totally flat.

You can see above that not all the details came out because of the texture.

When this final project was assigned, my mind was going a million miles a minute. I have been wanting to do an alternative resume to give to interviewers; because I love to design, I feel as though a designer should have a resume that stands out, and my mind wondered about what that could be. I finally decided to to a 11x13 poster sized typography and vector filled resume that would give 7 great reasons to work together. We were assigned to "WOW" our professor so I wanted to take my fine arts element and screen print it onto fabric. Then I decided I would use canvas, and attempt a piece of leather. My target audience is any and all interviewers, as well as other designers. Call to action would be the contact information listed on the poster. When getting a price quote for the project, I talked with the screen print professor (who helped me finalize my poster) said that on average the screen cost about $15 and prints are about $1.25 per, and they only do 24 or 36 in bulk.