Oct 25, 2010

Newspaper Ad

When trying to think of what type of ad wanted to produce, I started thinking about the types of services I would stop and look at in a newspaper. The first thing that came to mind was a dog walking service, which later developed into a dog care service. I have two large breed dogs and would definitely take advantage of an AFFORDABLE dog care service. To house your dog in at a vet in this town depends on the weight of your dog, my dogs are both over 50 lbs which means a lot of money for me to house them while I go away for the weekend. Also sometimes I don’t always have the time to walk both my dogs, and they have so much energy. A walking service would be wonderful, along with a yard pick up service.

Once I realized what it was that I wanted to advertise I started to think about who else would benefit from these services, other then myself. My grandma just had open heard surgery and is unable to walk long distances, someone her age would greatly benefit from some of, if not all of the services provided in my ad. Another example is my cousin just had a baby and the puppies tend to get the short end of the stick, taking them on a walk would help to get some of the their energy out. Also my mom and dad just got a new puppy after our old dog passed away last Christmas. My mom was very against it sense she just started a new job, and my dad is always away on business. Someone who could come walk their puppy during the day and let her out would help my parents to feel less guilty about working all day and sable being pinned up. Finally as mentioned before, affordable services for college students would be beneficial, so a student discount of some kind would be a good idea.

As far as the design, I wanted to keep it simple. Obviously it being a newspaper ad it needs to be black and white, but I do want to include some dog like graphics to catch a reader’s eye when flipping through the paper. The ad will include services such as dog walking, vacation sitting, yard clean up, as well as my contact; email, phone, web site and rates. The ad will include enough information that will entice the dog owner to call or check out my site.