Oct 18, 2010

Brendan Murphy returns to PITT

On friday October 15th Brendan Murphy (A Pittsburg State alumni) made an appearance and lectured to students about the industry, among many other things.

What did I get from the lecture...

Brendan Murphy attended Pittsburg State Universities 25 years ago in 1985 and has sense achieved so much. Murphy came to Pittstate from Dublin, on a track scholarship; now in 2010 he is working for Lippincott and has made a huge impact in the world of design.
Murphy had many good things to say about his experience at Pittsburg State; he mentioned that his most enduring memory was the people and the community. His advice to students now was to “pay attention in school”. He expressed how important all the information you retain in class is, being that, “75% of his work is writing, 10% drawing and the rest is in training others”. His experience in the field has allowed him to reflect on the importance of school and education. Murphy mentioned also the value of typography, which I feel that our classes stress as well.
Throughout his carrier he has designed many things that a lot of people tend to look over, such as an alternative for the handicapped sign, and the new Wal-Mart logo. His creativity has moved him to senior partner with Lippincott’s main firm in New York City.
Brendan Murphy’s company Lippincott was founded in 1943 as an industrial design company, and made packing for companies such as Campbell Soup and Dixie Cups. Sense then they have expanded to capabilities such as, brand analysis, brand strategy, brand management, and brand innovations. Lippincott has provided services to many well known companies such as, Wal-Mart, Delta, Time Warner, and Wells Fargo, just to name a few. Murphy gave the students in attendance advice over logo and product branding, saying that you want your logo design to reflect a product the consumer can believe in.
Murphy’s final words of wisdom were, “pay attention in school, to all different disciplines. Take courses outside of our major, and it doesn’t end when you graduate. Learning is a lifetime job”. It is refreshing not only to see a alumni of the graphics and imaging doing so well, but a student of the same university we attend going on and making a name for himself.